Hi, This is David Cheong
I am a Singapore real estate advisor with PropNex Realty, the largest and listed real estate agency in Singapore with over 8,000 salespersons. I focus on new projects and resales. And I lead a team of property consultants in PropNex Realty. 

I am an associate real estate trainer with Life Mastery Academy teaching the RES Course and conducting CPD courses. Teaching, sharing, and coaching are in my DNA. I love to share, write and make videos. 

Since 2011, I have been a strong advocate for real estate education and real estate investing. I have taught the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course to more than 3,000 students. And more than 2,000 real estate salespersons have attended my CPD courses. 

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"Let Your Light Shine..."
- David Cheong - 
Understand Why Real Estate Works
My maternal grandfather was a real estate developer. I didn't get to see him because he passed away before he turned 40. After his death, the wealth of the family vanished through bad management and family politics.

My family had to do odd jobs in our small apartment in Singapore, like pasting stamps on envelopes for a postal company in order to make up for our income short-fall. Life was hard.

Though we were poor, my mum never fails to inspire me to DREAM big. 
She made me feel special, that I can do anything if I put my heart to do so. 

She believed in me.

Having been in Singapore’s real estate industry for over a decade, I have experienced 2 rounds of property cycles in Singapore (the busts and the booms). I have seen people coming out the cycles better off or worst off. 

I have observed that if done right, real estate is the most powerful wealth creator, a better strategy to build and multiply our wealth.
Learn and Take Action
I have observed that the real issue is that people don’t know what to do with their money. They can make money, but they can’t create wealth.

How can you have your money and have it work for you in the background?

Invest in real estate. 

Real Estate has generated the most millionaires in the world

Real estate investing is one of the best things you can park your money in.

Why? Because people will always need a place to live in.

The best thing...you can structure your real estate assets according to your lifestyle and investment goals.

Let me help you.
My Real Estate Books
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How to own up to 3 properties before your 40th birthday
 WARNING: This is NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME you see all over the internet with promises of owning multile properties with $0 cash down.
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