Property Multiplier System 
Is The Only Real Estate Investment Plan    
Using Save As You Earn Approach 
The Only Real Estate Strategy To Suggest Save As You Earn! 
Get A Practical And Systematic Way To Build And Grow Your Assets 
Without Losing Your Peace of Mind

Being a humble and approachable person, David has attracted many amazing people around him. He is definitely a great business partner to have in the team! Thank you David for being a great friend, business partner and amazing leader."
James Lee
Business Owner & International Speaker
I want to thank David Cheong, for guiding me, believing in me and encouraging me that I can overcome my fears and the challenges I faced. If you are looking for a mentor, talk to David Cheong
Jacqueline Ong
Senior Property Consultant
A driven man who’s always at the front line. I’m confident David shall succeed on his quest to help more people achieve more in their lives.
Jet Toh
Property Investor
Does the idea of climbing Mount Everest in the Winter seem more realistic than Making money from Real Estate? If you said yes, let's talk
If you said no, than I don't know why you're still on this page...
Who We Are
We're an elite team from PropNex Realty, Singapore largest and listed real estate agency. 
We are ruthlessly efficient, and ridiculously good at getting ROI for our clients (i.e. you). 

Our business model is simple - we give you the fastest and easiest plan to generate a 6-Figure investment return in Singapore Real Estate Market within a short 5 Years.

We have the analytics and the testimonials to prove it.
David Cheong
Property Multiplier
Our team has profitably crafted and designed asset progression plans for our clients, helping many of them to make 6-figure ROI within 5 years

  •  The Property Multiplier System has helped a couple who was totally ignorant when it came to property. They were both employees and working hard to save money to provide the best education for their children. They never dreamed that it would be possible for two "ordinary" employees to own multiple properties. With this system, they made more than $250,000 in profit - just when they needed the money for one of their children's education. They have since added 2 more properties to their investment portfolio
Are you sick and tired of just working hard 
and yet struggling to keep up with your debts and unable to give a better life for your family despite all the hard work that you have put in.
I have seen many of my friends and fellow Singaporeans struggle all their lives with debt and financial issues. It’s not just limited to housing issues, but a credit card, car, raising children and other income slashing debts. What hurts me deeply is that many people lost hope and gave up pursuing their dreams because they are always struggling to stay afloat.
What if I tell you that there’s a solution for you? 
A way out of this financial wasteland. 
An escape route to a brighter and better future for you and your family. 
The fact that you are still on this page shows that you’re interested in what I have to offer.

What I’m about to share with you is the secret wealth growing weapon used by the rich to get richer. That’s why no matter the inflation or rising costs, they’re always making money. Even if they don’t work really hard as you. It may seem unfair, but that’s life. And in life, there’re many “cheat sheets” available out there…

These are powerful information they don’t teach in schools. Classified wealth building techniques available only to an exclusive group of wealthy investors… until now.

Well, you know what?
You are not to be blamed because no one showed you the power of real estate literary and real estate investing
Besides being an active property consultant on the ground, I have taught real estate in reputable real estate schools in Singapore like RCN, LMA and RIA School of Real Estate. Some of my students have since become savvy property investors themselves and many of them went into the real estate industry like myself. I am very proud of every one of them because they made effort get their real estate education. More importantly, many of them got into the game of real estate investing and transformed the lives of their families and loved ones.
What Others Say About David Cheong
David takes effort to keep class informed of current market information on property and remind that one must keep abreast of such market information. Constantly reminding class in practicing integrity as an agent is applaudable - Jeanne

Excellent overall. Helpful and responsible trainer. – Emily Tan

David is pragmatic about his views and opinions of this industry. Very much appreciated. – Jas Ng

David is an excellent trainer. He provides deep knowledge about the Real Estate industry. I am glad to recommend more people to attend his course. - Herin

David is very meticulous with his lessons and often relates the lesson content with live examples and experiences which eased my understanding of the concepts being taught. The entire package has been a wonderful experience and filled with the knowledge that I can apply as a salesperson or as a consumer – Jeremy Tan
A FREE Gift For You:

My Property Multiplier System Blueprint that has helped many homeowners and investors like yourself to own 2 properties within 5 years or generate a 6-Figure Profits in a short 5 years period.

How the rich to got richer...revealed
Achieving Your 6 Figure ROI
Experimenting with making money in the property market on your own can turn out to be pricey without proper execution
... and taking the time to learn the ins and outs of what's truly working in the market just isn't feasible on top of all the responsibilities already on your plate.

Also when it comes to picking your property advisor, there is always one question in your mind: "Will I make my money back, let alone a return on my investment?"

We understand. We aren't all Warren Buffet or Robert Kiyosaki with millions of dollars a year to invest in real estate. So when you do decide to trust a property consultant with your investment, you deserve the utmost detail in the transparency behind your investment. 

We don't believe in "should'ing" all over our clients. If we do this, this should happen, conversation.


We'll show you what you actually care about...making money and multiplying your assets.

and it's not enough to know when to buy or what to need to have a clear understanding of when to exit
Our company runs many property consumer educational seminars every month for FREE to share this concept and I love to invite you to attend one of our seminars. Look forward to connecting with you at our seminars.

And the last question you may want to ask yourself is, "What kind of investment will best suit my current stage of life or preferred lifestyle"?
Schedule a free 1-hour consultation call with David to get clarity and results that you want, and explore how the Property Multiplier System can help you to get the most profitable outcome for your investment initiatives. 
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