How to own 
 in Singapore before your 40th birthday.
 WARNING:  This is NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME you see all over the internet with promises of owning multile properties with $0 cash down.

The training is conducted by a CEA registered Real Estate Professional with over 10 years of experience.
What you will be learning in this 10 minutes Video Presentation.
  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: How a 38 year old engineer managed to accumulate 3 properties in Singapore within 10 years WITHOUT moonlighting(2nd income) and sacrificing his lifestyle.
  • APPLY WHAT HAS BEEN PROVEN: The essential and simple to follow 3 STEPS will be shared with you on how to achieve the same type of results he has.
  • BUST THE MYTH: Building a respectable property portfolio that helps achieves FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE is not just for the affluent. 
  • BONUS: I will hand you an easy to refer Property Affordability Guide(PDF) where you can gauge the price of the property that matches your current(future) salary. 
I'll also be handing you this eBook titled "Property Multiplier System Blueprint". 

This is a ~40 page book where I'll go into much more detail on how you can plan out your journey to own 2 properties within 5 years. It contains real action plans backed by actual case studies and cumulative proven systems.

Look out for it in your email inbox.
I need to stress that this is NOT A HYPED UP GET RICH QUICK secret to property investing. 

The feedback from past students was that the actionable steps shared in this video opened their eyes and helped them realise the possibilities.

I believe the very FIRST IMPORTANT step before exploring your first property purchase is to empower yourself with the right knowledge and tap into the experience from renown sources. 

This is where I come in and I'll be releasing even more FREE KNOWLEDGE TOOLS in future to guide you.
David Cheong 
The Trainer
David Cheong has been a Real Estate Consultant for over 10 years AND to date have trained/helped over 5000+ Real Estate Professionals to obtain their license.

Many of them still regard him as their "Shifu"(Mentor) and together they have helped thousands of aspiring home owners in their journey to Financial Independence through strategic home ownership. 
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